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Checkout my blog at, I’ve tried WordPress and never really got the hang of things around here, and plus I had writer’s block too. However, I will keep my account open for awhile, who knows….I might return as a blogger again,but for know I’ll just be a follower of other WordPress bloggers.

Also, you can follow me here .

Hope to see ya over at the other sites real soon!


Gardening is life

I have been having trouble trying to really get this blog started.  One of the main reasons I can’t seem to get it started is because I have been too lazy to post pics.  Since the weather here in Atlanta has seemed like summer for a few weeks now,I can’t stay out of my garden.  I love playing in the veggie garden so much.  The aromas of the different plants and the busy work of all the insects is just incredible.  Gardening is hard work, but fun and wish more people would  come back to the land  and grow something.  I have to post my garden pics up one day.I’m so proud of my veggie garden.  It’s a small garden,but I started most of my plants from seed and have watched them grow from little seedlings into  big strong healthy plants.  Those strong healthy plants will be producing delicious veggies for my family really soon and I can’t wait.

The rain is gone….

Now, I can enjoy the delightful rays of the sun.

I can go and pick dandelions that are growing in my yard.

The clean up can truly begin for my family and so many others here in Georgia. 


My first post

Wow! I’m so excited about my first post here!  This isn’t my first time blogging,but I hope to consistently write on this blog.  I think I’ve found a niche and hope to have many cyber friends out there. 

First off, I would like to welcome everyone to garlic and dandelions;this will be a blog  journal about my journey into the study of herbs, pics of my garden and my experiments making many herbal products.  I have always been fascinated with herbal medicine, and have always tinkered with the subject,but have never immersed myself in the subject.  I think,No, I know, I’m ready to dive into this beautiful art form.

Now, if  you would like to follow me along in my journey, I will be truly honored. 


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!